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Professional Casino sports bet.

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Best online casinos for sports betting

Some of the best online casinos in New Jersey are now open for sports betting, as well as other forms of online gambling. You may be aware that for a long time, opportunities for sports betting online have been restricted to just one US state. A 1992 ruling saw a nationwide ban on sports betting, with just one exception: Nevada.

The ban was aimed at protecting the integrity of sports, and effectively meant that there were no legal betting sites available to most US residents. While illegal and unregulated betting has always been around, it’s not something that most wise sports fans want to get involved in, so the fact that there are a few more legal betting sites springing up is cause for celebration.

Finally, after years of lobbying, New Jersey has won its battle to allow sports betting at its online and land-based casinos. New Jersey sports betting is legal as of 2018, and there are already some active New Jersey betting sites up and running. Every legal online casino in New Jersey is regulated by the Division of Gaming Enforcement, and licensed under a physical, land-based casino, which means that sports betting, NJ style, is a world away from those unauthorized, unregulated sites that you may have come across online.

The NJ online casino business is crowded enough that the casinos are competing for business, and there is a wide choice of online casinos with free money, in the form of welcome bonuses, free promo codes and free no-deposit bonuses. The best betting sites in New Jersey are currently DraftKings Sportsbook and SugarHouse Sportsbook. Caesars online casino has also added sports betting to its range of offerings, and it’s predicted that the majority of online casinos in New Jersey will slowly follow suit, offering incentives, rewards programs and online casino promo codes to entice new customers.

To check out a comparison of legal online casinos, with all the important details, such as what sort of deposit bonus they offer, and whether they currently provide sports betting online, go here. You’ll also find some exclusive online casino bonus codes.

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